Medical mnemania



There are hundreds of medical mnemonics out there to help poor hapless students remember their facts. I just found this photo illustrating one to help you remember the types of thyroid cancer: Please Feed My Alligator (papillary, follicular, medullary, anaplastic). Anaplastic tumours are the worst (and also closest to the alligator’s mouth). The picture also happens to illustrate brilliantly how I feel about my exam tomorrow.

While we’re at it, I found another excellent mnemonic the other day about catching cats as a way of remembering the Glasgow Coma Scale (‘decorticate’ sounds like ‘caught a cat’, which you’d do with flexed arms… oh never mind). It made my day anyway.

o-BRIDES-THROWING-CATS-570This could be a fun topic to go on with, but I suppose I should revise. Do you like mnemonics as a way of learning? Have any favourites of your own?



2 thoughts on “Medical mnemania

  1. Hmm.

    I used to remember supine as lying on the spine – supine with the ‘u’ missing.

    I used to remember that Hurler’s syndrome had cloudy corneas so if you were a hunter you would hurl your spear. In comparison Hunter’s syndrome – a hunter could hunt because there was no cloudy corneas and therefore would be able to see clearly.


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